Once a Protector;
Now a Wanderer;

I haven’t been on this account in so long….. hi guys..


Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth

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Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers


guardofserpents replied to your post “Okay but seriously, Outlast AU.  Playing characters as Patients…”

Ahar and Akhtar as the Twins I’m up for this

Can’t describe how much I wanna do this. Like holy crud. 

Stalking the twins around from higher levels talking at them until he was sure they weren’t going to eat him. He’d have so much fun.

Polite, soft-spoken and incredibly creepy <3


Sabrina Ward Harrison, Spilling Open


Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov


Leaning back to give him an angled look even if others in the room straightened up due to his presence, she hummed loosely, although by the looks of the others she hadn’t given anything else away beside that one statement. Albeit, her faint smile was hidden enough.


"Quite interesting, care to join?" 

He was quietly praying to the Gods that someone would walk too close to him so he’d have an excuse to seriously punch the shit out of someone. He looked at her, then looked to the others with unshielded suspicion. They didn’t meet his eyes - only looked in his general direction.

"What, something you want to tell me?"


"To say I’ve had a tall and intimidating man before me on his knee’s is truth. Though I have no clue if he preferred the position at the time or not. Believe not."

Nice to see you get along so well with the others.

He was lying. It wasn’t nice to see her get along with others. It was nowhere near nice. It made his scales rustle uncomfortably and his blood boil - mostly considering the subject.

Sounds like an interesting topic of discussion.”


Nick Hornby, How to be Good